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I Want to Go Green! But What Does that Mean? is a fun, rhyming story for Elementary aged children that explores what it means to "Go Green." The adorable character in this beautifully illustrated picture book takes readers on a silly yet educational adventure as he discovers simple ways to conserve resources and keep our Earth clean. This book comes at a perfect time as today's push for Green living gains momentum. Getting children involved proves to make a positive impact on the planet as a whole and this story is a perfect way to get kids excited about making a difference.

I want to go green, but what does that mean
The ABc’s of Going Green

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From the author who brought you, Going Green, Jill Dunn, comes the wonderful new children's books, Littering Is For Losers: The ABC's of Going Green, a book that will teach children not only the alphabet, but how to live a green lifestyle as well!

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